Mashreq Bank Psc Maharashtra list of IFSC Codes

Name Mashreq Bank Psc
Address 1305, Raheja Centre,Nariman Pt, Mumbai - 400021
State Maharashtra
District Greater Mumbai
Branch Mumbai Branch
IFSC Code MSHQ0000001
MICR Code 400205002
Contact No.

The correct way to find Mashreq Bank Psc Maharashtra IFSC Codes, NEFT, RTGS and IMPS codes

Mashreq Bank Psc Maharashtra IFSC Codes, NEFT, RTGS and IMPS codes can be found in the table provided. These codes are same as IFSC codes and have to be used for the purpose of net banking. Net-banking is the most convenient and the fastest way to make your transactions. It frees you from the hassles of writing cheques and demand drafts and saves time which is involved in their clearance. Since, net-banking allows quick money transfer, inter-state cheques have been completely done away with.

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Mashreq Bank Psc Maharashtra IFSC code has to be used for online money transactions like NEFT, RTGS and IMPS. With the help of net banking, customers can enjoy the various banking facilities at their doorstep. Now, money transfers can be done by just a click in a lightning fast speed. This is the necessity of the fast paced environment we live in. IFSC codes are used to identify each branch, and therefore, every branch of Mashreq Bank Psc has a separate IFSC code, which is unique. IFSC Codes of Mashreq Bank Psc in Maharashtra, are provided by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and customers may note, only RBI approved branches of a bank can offer net-banking facility to customers.

How to locate the IFSC code of Mashreq Bank Psc Maharashtra?

The IFSC codes of the branches of Mashreq Bank Psc Maharashtra can be found in the table provided, along with the address and phone number of the branch. For quick search, you can select the district in which the particular branch is located from the dropdown list or simply click on the link provided for the district on the right hand side of the table appended. You can find the list of IFSC Codes of Mashreq Bank Psc Maharashtra here.

How to find IFSC code of Mashreq Bank Psc in Maharashtra?

Reserve Bank of India publishes the updated IFSC codes of Mashreq Bank Psc in Maharashtra promptly on its website. You can get the updated IFCS code from RBI’s website. We too, on our part do our best to keep all IFSC codes updated for you ready reference.

What is meant by RTGS transfer?

The full form of RTGS is Real Time Gross Settlement,as the continuous (real-time)settlement of funds transfers individually on an order by order basis (without netting).To transfer funds using RTGS, you need to provide the IFSC code of the recipient branch to identify it. It should be noted that all branches do not have IFSC code. Learn more about RTGS.

What is IFSC IMPS transfer?

'IMPS' is Immediate Payment Service and is commonly called Interbank Mobile Payment Service. Here also, IFSC code of the recipient bank has to be provided to conduct the money transfer operation at any time in 24 hours. This service is provided by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), an organization that regulates retail payments in India. Get more information about IMPS.

List of Mashreq Bank Psc branches with IFSC Codes in Maharashtra state

Greater Mumbai