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Name State Bank Of India
Address Dist.Purba.Medinipurstate.West.Bengalpin.721631.
State West Bengal
District East Medinipur
Branch  Amgachia
IFSC Code SBIN0009844
MICR Code 721002853
Contact No. Nil
Name State Bank Of India
Address Dist.Purba.Medinipurstate.West.Bengalpin.721649
State West Bengal
District East Medinipur
Branch  Baichberia
IFSC Code SBIN0008431
MICR Code 721002708
Contact No. 03228-262247, 9874026184
Name State Bank Of India
Address Dist.Birbhumstate.West.Bengalpin.731134.
State West Bengal
District Birbhum
Branch  Bakreswar Village Br
IFSC Code SBIN0006578
MICR Code 731002603
Contact No. 03462-274225, 9732269559
Name State Bank Of India
Address Dist.Paschim.Medinipurstate.West.Bengalpin.721155.
State West Bengal
District West Medinipur
Branch  Balpai Sab
IFSC Code SBIN0009709
MICR Code 721002843
Contact No. 03222-241467, 9933032601
Name State Bank Of India
Address Dist.Maldastate.West.Bengalpin.732205.
State West Bengal
District Malda
Branch  Balurpur Hat Village Br
IFSC Code SBIN0006849
MICR Code 732002508
Contact No. 03513-266267, 9733181729

How to use IFSC Code, NEFT, RTGS and IMPS for fund transfer for State Bank Of India?

State Bank Of India is one of the India’s leading banks with branches around the country. It is having IFSC Codes issued by Reserve bank of India (RBI). The bank facilitates its users to transfer money online. With the innovation of electronic funds transfer facility it becomes easier for people to make transactions. IFSC Code of the bank is used for making transaction through the internet. If you want to transfer fund from State Bank Of India you need to know the account details such as IFSC Code, holder’s name, account number, etc. Using you can find IFSC Code of State Bank Of India. Through online banking you can use many kinds of transactions such as payments, donations, bill payments, shopping as well as ticket booking.

Report IFSC Codes!

If you want to transfer funds to an account you should check the IFSC Code of a bank branch before transferring. is providing a user-friendly way to search for IFSC Code for any bank. However, if you find any error in their data you can report to them immediately or contact them through following email.

IFSC code for State Bank Of India

As RBI started assigning unique IFSC Codes to different branches of State Bank Of India, this code can be used by both NEFT and RTGS fund transfer system. All of these codes such as RTGS, NEFT and IMPS are provided by the Reserve Bank of India. The only difference between these transactions is that while RTGS are done individually, NEFT are done in batches, however, IMPS is an electronic fund transfer that is instant and available 24X7. The branches of the bank which are participating in the online funds transfer are assigned 11 digit IFSC alphanumeric code by the RBI. However, not all the branches have net banking facility.

How to find State Bank Of India IFSC Codes?

With the presence of so many branches, it is difficult to find one branch but with the help of website you can search for a specific branch. In order to find State Bank Of India branches IFSC Code you can use IFSC Code finder. To use NEFT, RTGS or IMPS you can narrow down the search for IFSC Codes by selecting any particular state.

Search State Bank Of India IFSC Codes!

As every single branch is provided with a unique IFSC Code you can find as many as 117+ IFSC Codes of State Bank Of India online. These codes are 11 digit codes that start with four characters of the bank code. Many websites also provide updated information of IFSC as the bank’s other branches get assigned by RBI.

What is IFSC RTGS transfer?

RTGS or Real Time Gross Settlement is a facility available through secure banking channels in India. It is the fastest interbank money transfer mode that can also be defined as the continuous settlement of funds transfers done individually or by an order. To identify the branch in which you are transferring funds you need know IFSC Code of that branch, however, not all branches have IFSC Codes.

What is IFSC IMPS transfer?

One of the most prominent electronic funds transfer system in India is IMPS or Immediate Payment Service that is also known as Interbank Mobile Payment Service. To transfer the fund instantly with the help of IMPS you need IFSC Code. This facility of money transfer is regulated by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).